Matt Bomer a.k.a. Neal Caffrey in White Collar

Matt Bomer is known as the character Neal Caffrey, a thief turned FBI consultant on the USA series White Collar.

Impeccably dressed. Those are the exact words to describe Matt’s image. Beside handsome and smart, of course.

A well-tailored suit that fits like a glove is pretty much  the most important element of the wardrobe.

The pocket square and the tie are accessories that completes the overall look.

You must always pay attention to the details guys.

Ok, let’s say it.

he’s handsome.

and everyone but him could look ridiculous with an hat like his or dressing up like him every single days but, i mean, i think that everyone should put some glamour in their life.

if you have to dress in the morning, you better do it with STYLE!

love, m.


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