Alexander Skarsgard – True Blood

Alexander Skarsgård is a swedish actor, he is nowadays famous for the character of Eric Northman in True Blood, the most terrific villain around in this years.

But, recently i have discovered rewatching one of my favorite movie, zoolander, that, guess what? HE WAS IN THAT MOVIE!

Oh my god guys, we are talking about this:

He wasn’t in the movie for very long, he dies at the gas station after drinking orange mocha frappuccino. So sad.

He doesn’t really die though because we all know he comes back to life as Eric Northman on True Blood!

Yes, okay I had to say that… he is so much hotter as a vampire.

True Blood is good at rotating hot men in and out of the plot and it’s very supportive of a fan’s need for eye candy.

Here we have Eric Northman, or in real life Alexander Skarsgård.

Sure, Bill has always been the main vampire of the series, but all that whining and pining over Sookie makes him slightly pathetic and quite unsexy at times.

We don’t have those problems with Eric. He’s dirty, sexual, ruthless, and we love it.

Love, M.


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