Fashion, movies and celebrities..can i avoid to talk about the mtv movie awards 2012??? not at all!!

This year the show was all about The Hunger Games, Twilight-Breaking Dawn and Harry Potter and the Deathly Allows. What can I say, i saw it all and even if i’m not a big fan of the twilight saga this movie catches you and the story makes you want to know more about it but, anyway, Harry Potter will always be the first in my heart.

But let’s talk about the real deal, the clothes!

Charlize Theron

Charlize, oh charlize..nothing to do about it. She’s hot. This red dress is amazing on her, nothing to say about it.

Christina Ricci

Always original. I love her because she’s not predictable. This little black dress is simple yet stylish with the applications of the little watches and the embellishments..very very nice.


The power of accessories..Ciara, baby, YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!

No no no, we have the rings, the nails, the hair, the waves, the minidress, the red..oh my god too too too much!

Nah, Ciara, you have missed the point.

                                       image taken from here

Jenna Tatum

Well, i had to think about it for a minute but in the end I decided that i like this outfit. The colors suits her very well and the choice of just a little bit of rings is right in my opinion. Nice choice Jenna.

Jennifer Aniston

Jen, what can I say..perfect.

nothing to criticize. The dress is wild but on her is just right. Go jen!

                                 image taken from here

Mila Kunis

I prefer the version from the lookbook with the black stockings and the boots but the dress looks good on her. (damn mila :D)


Mtv, thank you so much. really, thanks.

Love, M.


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  1. martina says :

    amazing blog like just you ❤

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