The first time i notice Louise Roe was few years ago in the Mtv hit series “The City” then I saw her  on Mtv,hosting the show “Plain Jane” in which she is a sort of fashion fairy -godmother for some girls.
She is a very spontaneous girls, the camera loves her and during her show Louise is a very entertainer woman.

And the her clothes..my god her clothes. I absolutely love her style. She can transform  herself in different kind of women with every single outfit and now she is designing her own collections for Stylistpick.

”Designing my own shoes and jewelry collection has been the most awesome, surreal experience, i still pinch myself when i see pieces in the flesh! i wanted to bring bright color into winter’s wardrobe and i’m obsessed with orange at the moment, so creating the rio heel was probably my favorite part of all. Chunky, boho rings and a long necklace are trans-seasonal pieces that will amp up an outfit right through from autumn to spring. I hope the costumers like it!” she said once in an interview.

The classic but edgy look of Olivia Palermo mixed with the boho vibe of Nicole Richie.

Can she be more amazing then that?

I bet she can.

Love, M

ps, don’t forget to check out her  own site! she gives amazing advice about fashion here.


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3 responses to “LOUISE ROE”

  1. gossipfevers says :

    Reblogged this on Gossip Fever.

  2. Marci & Cami says :

    We absolute love her!! She’s so stylish and gorgeous!
    We follow her from the beginning on the City and watch always Plain Jane! We are waiting the new episodes!




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