I Want What She’s Wearing! Zoe Hart

Today’s post is going to talk about the amazing Zoe Hart.

I don’t know why, well, probably because i haven’t got so much time with classes and other things to watch a lot of movies, but lately I had my eyes on different tv series, in this case i’m going to talk about the lovely Zoe Hart of Hart of Dixie.

What can I say, since the very first episode i very much felt in love with the Rachel Bilson character. She’s spontaneous, funny, real.

I mean, everyone can put themselves in her shoes (and what kind of shoes I would say!!!)

Even if (and that’s for the one who watched the show from the first episode) i would like to tell her ”c’moooooon let’s date wade!!!!!!!)

Her style i think is amazing, especially in comparison with the classic and a little bit dated one of Lemon but that’s definitely done to highlight the differences between the two characters.

For this time i’ve done a different kind of post. Let’s be real, ok her clothes are amazing but how much did they cost in reality? A LOT!

So i search a little bit on the web and i tried to find good alternatives.

For example, I loved from the very first time this Marc by Marc Jacobs sweater but find a cheaper alternative is better so i found this sweater on Asos. The colors are a little bit more pink/violet ish but it’s a nice version of it. I think that paired with a basic kaki shorts and some heels it can be a nice outfit.

You know, I have a thing for leather garments and i recently found it at H&M. Then i surfed the web a little bit and found this striped shirt very flowing. The choice for the shoes depends on your own and personal style but with heels or even a pair of studded converse i think it’s a great look.

Metallic. Skirt. LOVE!

Check this out!

Ladies, here heels are compulsory! (ok not if your name is Gisele Bundchen..) but to highlight and enhance legs a pair of high heels are a must with this kind of skirts!

I leave you with some other photos of Zoe.

Next time i will go out to do some serious shopping i will think about her style, and you?

Love, M.


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