Domino Harvey


Ok, it seems that i’m a little bit stuck into the ”badass female character” but, what can I do, I think that there are the more interesting!

Today I’m going to talk about Domino Harvey. 

Well, the movie isn’t an exact example of those kind of movies after which you say ”OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!” but anyway, it’s interesting and it makes you pass two nice hours.

In the previous post i talked about lisbeth slander, well, in this case we have a total different kind of femininity. 


Domino as definitely a more sexual approach and we can see this feature also in the way she dresses. 

Leather jacket with very little top underneath, tight leather pants, tight jeans, but also hoodies and boots.



She’s a bounty hunter so the attitude between the two characters is definitely different. Domino is not afraid of going after what she wants and this determination is part of her style. 

The aggressive way of being translates into the way of dressing.

Personally I like more a character of Lisbeth Salander than the Domino one but i appreciate in both cases the strong personality that there is behind the surface.



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