Lisbeth Salander

Well, i said that this blog is going to talk about movies, fashion and style. so let’s try.

Today i want to talk to you about one movies which i really enjoyed: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

I’m really into noir and cold atmospheres and this movie is amazing under this point of view.

It gives you instantly the idea of the northern countries in which it was shot.

But let’s talk about the serious stuff: the protagonist. Lisbeth Salander.

How badass is she???

I really hate those kind of films in which the women can only do two things: get naked and get married.

Here, Lisbeth is definitely not that kind of a girl.

Beginning from the visual point of view: short hair, shaved on one side, heavy black makeup, piercings and clothes that…well, we’ll see that.

She is troubled, she’s got a really heavy past and she is not lost because of it.

She’s stronger thanks to it and she kicks (literally) men’s ego thanks to it.

Ok, I’m sorry i told that this was about fashion but, you know, i really love to talk about good female characters once in a while.


Well, in this version of the movie Lisbeth doesn’t care a thing about fashion, she dresses in the most comfortable way, with baggy pants, black leather jacket, black leather pants, black boots. Oh, did i said black a lot?

oh, sorry didn’t notice it…

… what do you expect??? a troubled character dressed in tangerine tango???


I’ll leave you with some images from the movie and some shot that Rooney Mara, the actress of Lisbeth, did as if she was still her.


Enjoy it

love, M


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3 responses to “Lisbeth Salander”

  1. 44kilograms says :

    Love this movie! Have you seen the swedish version of it?

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