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Ashley Madekwe – Revenge

Usually i post on tuesday but today i was really inspired by her style.

I personally love Ashley’s style from the time in which she did Bambi in ”The secret diary of a call girl” and ”The beautiful life” but I have to say that in Revenge her style is amazing.

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I Want What She’s Wearing! Zoe Hart

Today’s post is going to talk about the amazing Zoe Hart.

I don’t know why, well, probably because i haven’t got so much time with classes and other things to watch a lot of movies, but lately I had my eyes on different tv series, in this case i’m going to talk about the lovely Zoe Hart of Hart of Dixie.

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Joan Halloway

I think that most of you knows about Mad Men, a tv serie which, in my opinion, is simply amazing.

It take places in the 60’s and even if i’m not a lover of the fashion of that time i have to say it, Joan Halloway is one of the most elegant women which I ever seen in movies.

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Domino Harvey


Ok, it seems that i’m a little bit stuck into the ”badass female character” but, what can I do, I think that there are the more interesting!

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Lisbeth Salander

Well, i said that this blog is going to talk about movies, fashion and style. so let’s try.

Today i want to talk to you about one movies which i really enjoyed: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

I’m really into noir and cold atmospheres and this movie is amazing under this point of view.

It gives you instantly the idea of the northern countries in which it was shot.

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