A Studded Beginning

Here we go again.
feeling of confusion? check.
blank mind? check.
embarrassment? check.
Yes, This is me when I find myself in the situation of having to describe myself.

I seriously hate to have to give a definition of myself. I’m one of those people who, despite I still have some(few) firm convictions, changes mind fairly often.
example: ” yellow? oh my god i just cannot get dressed in yellow”
-two weeks later I have a pair of yellow jeans-

This happens not because I get influenced, no way, but because, as my grandmother is used to say, only idiots never change their mind.
I do not remain firm on my positions but I try to frequently change perspective.
That’s why I hate having to define myself, I’m constantly changing and therefore I prefer to let people who know me (or read, in this case) to develop their own opinion about me.

Some basic informations: 23 years old, fashion communication student, wannabe stylist recently landed in a big city like Milan from a very small one.
Deeply conscious of having an insane passion for (almost) everything that involves the fashion system, for everything that has a visual approach, for the white fornitures and for high heels shoes that regularly makes me fall in front of everyone with a general embarrassment.

Honestly I never had the courage to start my own blog. I’m changeable, impatient, cynical and unfitting but my Fashion Web Communication class has given me the opportunity to redeem myself from this point of view so, I take the chance and…

just a warning: you may like the content of my blog or you may not. The only thing I can guarantee is that is not going to be a copy&paste from other blog who copy from other blogs who copy from other blogs. I’m going to write only what comes out of my mind, my (studded) truth.

THESTUDDEDTRUTH it’s about movies and music from the fashion point of view. I’m not a film critique or a fashion one, I’m just someone who watch movies not only from the story point of view but also from a visual point of view with a focus on clothes.
C’mon let’s be honest, who among us has never said: ” yesss nice movie..but what the h**l was wearing the protagonist??”
here, I will try to investigate from that point of view and I hope that among the various nonsense that will came out from my mind some of that will make you spend few minutes of entertainment.

Reasonable doubts about the choice of the name of my blog are welcome.
Let me explain: my best friend once said to me: ”Martina, you would be able to put studs also on you pajamas! ”
Here, I have an unhealthy passion for all that is studded (ahem, not ALL… I once saw studded underwear, here, I have not reach that point! )
Beside that there are a lot of other things which I am seriously in love with and I hope I can talk to you about it in future posts.

Let’s be clear: I am not a proper blogger. I think there are very few people who can actually do this job (like this one , or this one , or this one ),but I’m going to give it a try.

At least you can switch channel.
oops, no. that is television.

love, M.



One response to “A Studded Beginning”

  1. Marta says :

    Simply beautiful as you are..love you, my friend!! =*

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